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Trippldee - a unique and innovative social media platform where you can connect with people locally and support each other to explore opportunities, find a platform to showcase skills and achieve mutual business and service benefits. Our new-age initiatives are people-friendly and designed with the vision of creating a self-sustaining society.


We Are The Best Solution For Creating A Self-sufficient Society

Trippldee is a social media platform of tomorrow, founded by Mr. S. Deepak with a vision to effectively manage food wastage, create more internal job opportunities for professionals, and exhibit talent. Trippldee is a multi-dimensional platform offering benefits to all types of users across various fields and interests. With our deeday, sight distance and social media features people can connect easily to share food, receive expert service and express their talent within their community. Trippldee’s ultimate goal is to establish a grand chain of restaurants in our country, which serves Western cuisine in Indian style.

“The main motto of Trippldee is to create changes in small units to make a collective transformation possible”


In a year, 40% of food is wasted in India, which is equivalent to Rs. 92,000 Crores per year!
From this perspective, food waste is a potential crisis. To address and arrest this crisis we have come up with an innovative and creative concept called Dee Day.
Our Dee Day platform helps you to post the availability or locate people who hold extra or unused fresh food within the same campus and with people in a nearby radius (1 or 2kms approx.). With Dee Day, you can:
Share Food :

Upload a picture of the food, a short description of it and mention the place where the receiver can collect the food from you.

Make a Choice :

The best thing that benefits you in this process is that you can sell your food for money, donate or you can share it for free.

Save Food :

To save food is to save the earth. Responsible management of additional resources will save our planet from an excessive environmental footprint.

Sight Distance

Sight Distance is a platform that works like a digitalised cooperative society. Our platform allows one to find within sight distance (possibly near) businesses and services that are necessary for our mundane activities. For example, doctors, lawyers, educators, etc., we also provide facilities for conducting meetings, seminars, and online workshops.
The highlight here is that payments can be made directly from our all-in-one wallet. With this method, we also ensure the safety of the transaction. The online consultation is cost-effective as it reduces travel expenses and saves time.
Connecting Community :

We have many best service providers who are best in their field but remain unknown.

Verified professionals :

We verify all the professionals with their professional competency before they register with us.

Self-sufficient community :

We create a balanced and self-sufficient community through our initiative.

Social Media

Our social media platforms allow people to create videos featuring their talent.
Even the professionals from Trippldee’s Sight Distance platform can create videos to explain their businesses and services.
Monetization possibility :

We provide an option where the viewers can gift a certain amount to the videos that inspire them. The minimum amount starts from Rs. 1 and there is no maximum limit.

Highly secure platform :

We can assure you that we have high-security measures that will completely minimise fake accounts, scams, and harassment, enabling women to lead their way.

Privacy :

Privacy is our strong ethic. With respect to this Trippldee’s platform has created a unique verification process for categorizing VIP, VVIP- X, Y, and Z etc., The features of our social media platform will be customised according to the categorisation.



Mr. S. Deepak- is a chef by profession and an entrepreneur by interest. Being in the industry for almost a decade, food wastage has always been one of his greatest concerns. Trippldee’s DeeDay is the destination where the long-time concern found life. His mind did not stop just with food wastage management, he also thought of creating innovative ways to manage the community’s workforce potential in a productive way. These thoughts emerged into the concepts of sight distance and social media. These are the platforms designed to highly accelerate the professional’s business or services within the community. His future goals are to create innovation and uniqueness in the fields of job search and match making.

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