It is not always about the destination, it is the journey that makes it special

We embarked on this aspirational journey from 2018 into the market, we can proudly flaunt an institutional portfolio of 500+ Institutions from 28+ countries.

Our Journey
globalization of education

We believe in globalization of education in the truest form

To provide ample globalization opportunities to the institutions and students alike, we have tried and tested some path-breaking strategies and are continually leveraging the same to all our stakeholders while constantly innovating new strategies and processes to get closer to what we want to achieve together.

Social media and networking

We realize the importance of social media and networking in the field of Education

We describe Social Media a vital tool for infotainment (Information + Entertainment) in today’s time. Edumpus is dedicated to becoming a vital tool that facilitates the information aspect of the Social Networking in the field of education that is evolving as a constant process.

Global Academic Community

We are pioneering and championing the concept of a Global Academic Community

With our constant efforts to bring the world of education closer day by day, we are, step by step, moving towards a borderless academic community by facilitating the global cooperation and collaboration digitally.

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