Campus Ambassador Program

What is the Edumpus Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program is an internship opportunity for students from higher secondary and further levels of educational institutions wherein the Campus Ambassadors would be assigned certain on-ground marketing activities by Edumpus and upon successful execution of the same, the Campus Ambassadors would be rewarded in various ways like Pre-Placement Offers, Franchise Opportunities, Monetary Rewards, etc. The Campus Ambassadors would be required to evangelize about the products and services offered by Edumpus within their respective institutions.

The tasks assigned to them during the tenure of engagement shall be remunerated by Edumpus on a mutually agreed basis. The Campus Ambassador program opens up the doors for ambitious students to become an integral part of the multi-billion-dollar industry across the globe without necessarily having to invest anything. While working with Edumpus, they shall also be paid a fair share of the monetary revenue that they shall generate for Edumpus.

Career Options

Career Options

  • Become an Edumpus Certified Career Advisor
  • Work with Edumpus
  • Start your own franchise and get noticed in the Global Educational Network
Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Evangelize about the products & services of Edumpus
  • Actively help in the execution of the engagement activities curated by Edumpus
  • Pick your own product portfolio from the huge offerings of Edumpus Associates & ensure sales
  • Single point of contact between Edumpus & your institution
  • Help the users around you to avail the admission support services of Edumpus

How we can help you

We have set up a carefully handpicked platform that gives you a handholding support in all your pursuits related to education. Right from the first steps towards enrolment to the final steps towards ensuring a proper growth curve to suit your professional goals.

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Direct Benefits

There can be various ways of giving back to the Campus Ambassadors. Here is how we reward our Campus Ambassadors.

Certified Career
Certified Career Advisor
Attractive Incentives
Education Experience
First-hand experience of the Education Management Industry
Develop leadership & Organizational Skills
A value addition to your Resume
Future Career Prospects

Got Any Questions?

The Campus Ambassador Program is quite different from other internship programmes and we are always there to explain to you how.

How do I become a Campus Ambassador with Edumpus?

The process is amazingly simple. Just click on the “Get Started” button on top of this page and fill in the necessary details. Our team will get in touch with you after that and take you through every step of the tentative engagement with Edumpus.

We understand that it is a sensitive information and the reluctance to share that is justified. We only need your bank details to be able to remit the incentives that you are entitled to for the amazing performance that we are confident of you delivering.

The minimum tenure of engagement with Edumpus to be able to get all the benefits of the Campus Ambassador program is 3 months. However, we have not set any maximum period of engagement considering that you will find the journey with Edumpus exciting enough to make you be with us for a much longer period.

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