About Us

Edumpus is a new age social platform that provides a multilateral user-generated communication channel between educational institutions, students, and other stakeholders of this coveted industry.

While pursuing the vision to help the students find the right courses and institutions based on their learning inclination and caliber, we also aim to help the institutions find the right talent for their programs by curating a refined bulk of profiles with necessary checks and balances.



A truly globalized educational community

We at Edumpus aspire to emerge as a connecting bridge between institutions and students from across the globe to help global outreach and cross border student exchange with our Global Catalyst and Value Chain propositions that shall not only help the students in making well-informed decisions that are best for their academic careers but also provide an impetus to the pursuit of good students for which institutions have to leverage a lot of resources that eventually make it an exhaustive process.



To disrupt the higher education management industry by emerging as an all-encompassing Unicorn

Our mission is to harness optimum productivity out of every single resource spent or implemented in the pursuit of a global educational community through the products and services that are of an international repute and ensure last-mile endowment of such services by cutting down on the information overload and simplifying each and every educational transaction to the best of the industry’s practices.

Got Any Questions?

We are glad to be available to answer all the questions that might arise to give you a better understanding of who we really are.

What is the Global Educational Network?

The Global Educational Network is the state of the art social networking platform meant for students to connect, collaborate and communicate with other entities active in the field of education globally.

The Global Admissions Consortium is a tech-enabled SaaS platform for educational consultants that simplifies the admission process management for them and gives them the freedom to focus more on the business development as the process after that is simplified and taken care of by Edumpus.

Edumpus TRiADGE is a set of marketing and promotional services offered by Edumpus to educational institutions from across the globe. Edumpus identifies the educational institutions as the most vital source of supply of the formal educational services and ensures a standardized bridge between the demand and supply through these services.

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